Endoscopy - Interesting facts

When you come for an endoscopy, the exact process is as follows:

At the time arranged for the examination, the patient signs in at the reception of the Chirurgischen Zentrum of the WolfartKlinik in the Ruffiniallee 17, or can also go straight to the waiting area one floor down and will be called by us for the examination. (Sometimes a short wait is necessary, and you will have to take a seat and read a magazine – we apologize for this in advance.)

Directions to the endoscopic practice

Patients with mobility issues can drive through the underground parking garage right to the door of our examination rooms. However, we need to be informed of this in advance.

Important: Comprehensive counselling, pre- and post-care, various other examinations and general organisation take place in the Internistischen Praxis Gräfelfing in the Bahnhofstraße 98.

Declaration of Consent:

For legal reasons, you may only download the declaration of consent to a gastrointestinal endoscopy if you are a patient of the Internistischen Praxis Gräfelfing and you no longer have the documents given to you personally. In this case, please print the relevant document, sign it, and bring it with you to your examination.