The endoscopic practice in the Surgical Centre of the WolfartKlinik.

Basically, we cover the entire gastroenterological spectrum of diseases with one emphasis on colorectal cancer screening, a second on diagnostic clarification of unspecific abdominal complaints, and a third on the diagnosis and treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders.

Gastrointestinal endoscopies and proctoscopies are carried out in our Endoscopic Practice in the Chirurgisches Zentrum of the WolfartKlinik. Relevant findings such as polyps (frequently the precursors to cancer) are treated at the same session if required.

The WolfartKlinik is a privately funded surgical clinic (with affiliated and attending doctors) close to our internist practice; where various specialist departments offer excellent medical care. We have closely collaborated with the WolfartKlink for many years.

This collaboration means short distances for you to colleagues from other specialist fields such as surgery, radiology, and anaesthesia while permitting the sharing of the entire infrastructure of a renowned clinic. Not least, it allows us, under relevant conditions and together with the colleagues at the clinic, to offer the best care for our own patients when they are hospitalized there. (Just as we also provide care for newly operated patients at the clinic in the case of acute internist problems.)

The surgical centre at the WolfartKlinik is quiet and located in a large garden. It is 300m to the train station (S-Bahn) and our internist practice is only 600 m away.

Surgical Centre of the WolfartKlinik

Surgical Centre of the WolfartKlinik